Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Crocheted Life

I like to fill my days with crochet, whether it is for my stall or my home, and I am usually working on several projects at once. I always seem to be drawn to making blankets, there is something so homely about them, and I love to cosy up with my cats in the winter months. At the moment, during unusually warm weather in the UK, I am sticking to smaller projects that I can finish quickly - I can't seem to concentrate for long in the heat. I do love to look back on finished projects though, the ones that make it out of the "Work In Progress" pile and into use in my home...
- My granny stripe blanket in retro colours, all made from rescued yarn
- My "Granny A Day" finished blanket from Spring 2012, all of the square patterns are from the gorgeous "200 Crochet Blocks" book
- A Teacosy made for a friend from this fabulous pattern

- My Sunburst blanket
- A crochet bowl 
- A large Granny Square blanket

- Granny Stripe tealight jars
- A recent Granny Square Blanket
- And the project that started my love of crochet, my original granny square blanket, made from 160 squares, all done during my second and third year of university (and almost solely responsible for keeping me sane) 

I still think, after years of making, that there is nothing better than the feeling that comes with saying "I made it myself".

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