Friday, 25 July 2014


Well, hello there! I guess the best place for me to start is with introductions. My name is Gemma, and I am a full-time crafty-maker. My alter-ego is gemmipop, of gemmipop designs, the name of my little crafty business, which is based in Oswestry Market. But this is a home for some of my other adventures - a little nook for me to share my love of making and visiting nice places and doing interesting things, usually involving tea, and probably cake. 
The boundaries between work-craftiness and personal-craftiness are often rather blurry, because I really do just love making things. It started when I was quite young - I was always working on some little project, mostly made from cardboard and paper (for example, I made a zoo and an aquarium...) but my favourite thing was knitting, only row after row of garter stitch but it felt like the world. My gran taught me to knit, I was about seven years old at the time, and I had little green knitting needles with apples on the tops, and stripey-rainbow yarn. 
These days I crochet more than knit (although I always have socks on the needles!), and I love making blankets and pretty things to hang around the house. I live with my husband, as well as three cats, two Budgies and two chickens, and we have a pretty cosy little life.
When I'm not making things, I like to read - Jon Ronson's "The Psychopath Test" has been my favourite book of the year so far although I usually go for fiction. I love to visit art galleries and museums, and try to go to new places whenever I can! I also enjoy mooching around Charity shops for crafty materials, kitsch ornaments and vintage toys - a vice of mine that I don't think I'll ever grow out of!
So, that's me - Hello!

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