Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On My Mantle

I like to take quiet moments to have a little wander around the many nook-and-cranny-like spaces of the internet, and I stumbled across a lovely intagrammer called Ada who also has a very pretty blog called Vintage Sheet Addict. Inspired by her post called "On My Mantle" I thought I would share a little peep of my fireplace, and some of the bits-and-bobs and happy critters that live there...

I try to fill our little home with thrifted knick-knacks and handmade loveliness - a lesson I learned at a very young age from visiting my beautiful gran, who had something on every surface, and more books than an average library. I learned about thriftiness and craftiness and the love of reading from her. I hope she would be proud of my crafty adventures.

1 comment:

  1. Hello thank you for letting me know you're here and for sharing your mantle.....I'm sure your gran would be proud! :) xxx