Monday, 23 February 2015

My Week...

There were so many adventures and fun things last week that I barely know where to begin. We went to the Theatre, and the Seaside, to new favourite cafes and old favourite cafes, to a museum that we'd never been to before, visited three towns in one day, and did quite a lot of charity shop mooching. 

I managed to squeeze in some craftiness - I finished a pair of socks (they'd been on the needles for ages and I'm rather pleased to have them finished), added a row to my 2015 blanket, made another bow scarf and fancified the one from last week. My best crafty moment of the week however, was not my own - happiness of happiness, my mum finished her first ever sock! It's utterly glorious and I hope I have started her on her way to  a sock addiction to match my own. 

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