Friday, 27 February 2015

Taking Stock - February

Playing along with lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mike's, and taking a moment to have a think about the passing month!
Making : blankets and socks, my most favourite things to make!
Cooking : I assisted with a fruit cake, and as always I'm handy at chopping veg
Drinking : tea
Reading: Finished Philip Pullman "Grimm Tales" yesterday
Wanting: to cosy up on the sofa with a kitty and read
Looking: at tiny crocuses peeping out in my garden
Playing: Allo Darlin', Pearl and the Beard and a little bit of Morrissey 
Deciding: if it's wise to pay a visit to the yarn shop when I close up my stall today
Wishing: the world was a little less complicated, or that people were a little kinder to each other
Enjoying: the feeling of spring approaching
Waiting: for the weather to be warm enough for picnics
Liking: my pretty Bow scarves - vintage patterns are the best
Wondering: if it would be acceptable to start a new pair of socks when I already have two pairs on the needles...
Loving: our little house and weird little animal family
Pondering: on colour combinations for squares for my blanket
Considering: my next tattoo
Buying: Books. So many books.
Watching: Just finished rewatching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in it's entirety, and started "Reaper" last night
Hoping: that my little car is finally fixed and enjoying the freedom of pootling about
Marvelling: at how fast blankets happen these days!
Cringing: at how mean people can be to each other
Needing: more cake
Questioning: if I will manage to get my book pile under control this year
Smelling: Daffodils
Wearing: lots of lovely frocks and woollens 
Following: my own path and taking a bit more care of myself
Noticing: that driving seems a little less scary as I practise a bit more
Knowing: that I always try my best
Thinking: that I really want to learn to bake
Admiring: the strength of people that I know, who get up and get on every day when life can be so very cruel
Sorting: out priorities, trying to make improvements
Getting: tickets for bands that I loved as a teenager, because they all seem to be touring again
Bookmarking: Dock and Nettle
Coveting: pretty vintage brooches and lovely dresses
Disliking: second-sock-syndrome, which afflicts me every so often
Opening: books before I've closed the one before
Giggling: at being called "knitting mad" in the local paper
Feeling: like we're coming to the end of a very long winter
Snacking: on homemade crumpets (my husband is ever so clever)
Comforting: lots of people at the moment, there must be something in the water
Helping: to plan lots of exciting things

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