Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Taking Stock...

Joining in with lovely Pip at Meet Me at Mike's for this month's Taking Stock. How time flies by...

Making : Blankets and socks and a striped scarf
Cooking : lovely veggies
Drinking : tea , lots and lots of tea
Reading: lots of books this month!
Wanting: to be in the garden enjoying the sunshine
Looking: at my sketchbook
Playing: Placebo, almost constantly for the last month
Deciding: to be happy and let the sad stuff go
Wishing: it was lunch-time...
Enjoying: the longer days
Waiting: for lots of adventures
Liking: my new polka-dot frock
Wondering: if I should start a new blanket
Loving: spending time with my favourite people 
Pondering: days out
Considering: a change of hair colour, as I so often do...
Buying: pretty socks and a new frock
Watching: "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", and "Third Rock from the Sun"
Hoping: for sunshine for Easter
Marvelling: at the world starting to wake up again
Cringing: at Jon Ronson's new book "So You've been Publicly Shamed"
Needing: yet another haircut...
Questioning: options for the future
Smelling: Beautiful Hyacinths in my stall and daffodils at home
Wearing: pretty dresses and brooches
Following: lots of pretty accounts on Instagram
Noticing: the little things
Knowing: that I need to make the most of my adventures
Thinking: about knitting and crochet patterns that I want to try
Admiring: friends, who keep going through the hardest of times
Sorting: the kitchen. Not terribly exciting but absolutely necessaryGetting: another cup of tea
Bookmarking: patterns to try
Coveting: pretty shoes and vintage brooches
Disliking: reaching the end of a series that I've binge-watched
Opening: my sketchbook and getting to work on new stuff
Giggling: on my lovely girlie day out with my sister
Feeling: happy
Snacking: all the time - bread and cake are my downfalls
Helping: as much as I can...
Hearing: snoring kittens

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