Friday, 24 July 2015

A Thrifty Day Out

Yesterday, over tea and toast with my family, a plan was hatched - a trip to a weird and wonderful place called Dagfields. Armed with a bag of sweets for the journey, we jumped in the car and went off on a spontaneous adventure. 
My thrifty heart was filled with joy when we arrived and saw a variety of buildings all full of the most random artefacts imaginable. 
We started in the book shop, this was just the outside, the shop itself was a tightly-packed rabbit-warren filled with every genre of book I could think of, including a shelf labelled "female authors" which made me happy indeed. There were biographies of the stars, books on every battle in history, fantastic works of fiction and a children's section that would fill any imagination to overflowing! 
We wandered through to the first antiques and collectables building and I could have spent a lifetime mooching it's aisles, looking at all of the treasures. There were bits and bobs from every era, oddments and wonderful pieces of ephemera. Every shelf was piled high, I don't think I have ever seen so many THINGS! All of my little purchases came from this one building, it was amazing. 

The highlight of the other rooms was this kooky little corner, with T-Rex skull models and a quirky-faced wooden statue, and jumbled combinations of tiny Netsuke, Lego figures, various vintage Disneyana and a very beautiful 1970s pink telephone.

My haul was small and pretty modest - A funny-faced little doll, who looks to be an Uneeda Perfekta doll from 1967 (my research was a little inconclusive), a Saint Etienne tape (a present from my husband), a pretty vintage bead purse, and a Handkerchief vase. All of this for under £10. I was a happy little thrifter. 

I must say, I left behind so many things that I could quite happily have found a home for, including several other Handkerchief vases, a beautiful handmade wooden drop-spindle, pretty floral biscuit tins, records, books, and collector cards of Starlets from the Golden Age of cinema. 
What a strange and wonderful place to visit.

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