Friday, 3 July 2015

A Little Adventure

I have been a busy bee this week, working my little socks off to get to-do lists done so that I could take myself off for a little day out. Yesterday I hopped on the train and went to Liverpool. After living there for four years, Liverpool is like a second home to me, and even after eight years away, I sometimes miss it terribly. I love the old buildings on the waterfront, the amazing independent shops on Bold Street, the hustle and bustle of the city. The place that I miss the most is the Tate - I love the way an art gallery has fitted so effortlessly into an old industrial space, the strange little nooks and crannies that you just don't get with modern, purpose built galleries. I went primarily to see the new Jackson Pollock exhibition, not a favourite artist of mine but I like to be open-minded. The exhibition was interesting and logically curated (that sounds ridiculous I know but I hate it when exhibitions don't make sense)and I particularly enjoyed seeing the work on the Japanese and handmade papers. 
The highlight of my visit was the Geta Bratescu exhibition, so full of colour and experimentation, I loved the texture and the repetition of ideas, I found it very interesting. 
Image from Tate Website - Geta Bratescu Medeic Callisthenic Moves 1980-1 © Geta Bratescu, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

I took a look around the DLA Piper Series, and there was something new that I enjoyed - Lorna Simpson's "Photo Booth". The combination of the concept (photos from the 1940's interspersed with her own drawings) and the execution (I love the was it is displayed) made it really appealing to me - I have always enjoyed seeing collections. 

I love the work from Saloua Raouda Choucair too, her retrospective at Tate Modern stands out for me as one of the best exhibitions that I've seen. This piece is called "Poem of Nine Verses". 
I went on from the Tate to the Liverpool World Museum to take a look at the Maya exhibition and it was stunning. 

Painted Figure - Late Classic Period (AD600-900) Elderly Man in Blue Araceae flower
Disc from Chichen Itza - Early post-classic period (AD900-1250) made of wood, turquoise, shell, coral and slate.

It was just fantastic, a huge exhibition of really interesting things so skilfully made. I'm hoping to visit again before it closes. 

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