Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Taking Stock...August

Making : Pretty jewellery and bead bracelets and cosy blankets and tiny cross-stitch samples and little badges!
Cooking : well, chopping, lovely veggies.
Drinking : decaf tea, in an attempt to cut-down on the caffeine...
Reading: just finished "The Bees" and about to start "The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul"
Wanting: to share big news but not quite ready yet...
Looking: at my pretty new nails - mint green and pink with a little splash of glitter
Playing: with my new badge maker
Deciding: big things
Wishing: I had a crystal ball so I could just double check that things will be ok
Enjoying: rainy afternoons with movies and crochet
Waiting: for big things to start
Liking: feeling inspired
Wondering: if the summer is over...
Loving: making new things
Pondering: things to come
Considering: new converse Sneakers
Buying: lots of books and some pretty new clothes
Watching: Adventure Time
Hoping: things will be better
Marvelling: at mountains of Big Knit hats
Cringing: at the funny things people do sometimes
Needing: pretty things
Questioning: lots and lots of things over and over...
Smelling: rain
Wearing: some of my new jewellery, just trying it out of course...
Following: lots of lovely people on instagram
Noticing: the change in the air
Knowing: that Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter in my head (watching "What If")
Thinking: that I'm so glad that we have lots of summer fruits in the freezer
Admiring: studios and workspaces of all kinds of talented folks
Sorting: out stuff in my stall, time for a clear out!
Getting: ideas out of my head and into my sketchbook
Bookmarking: pretty and inspiring things
Coveting: fairy lights and bunting and random stuff that I don't really need
Disliking: the brand new bump on my head
Opening: my new notebook
Giggling: at silly tv programmes 
Feeling: excited and a little bit nervous
Snacking: on dried apricots, they are so ridiculously good
Hearing: the birthday party playlist that my husband made for me

Thanks to lovely Pip as always for her super-inspiring list!

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