Sunday, 27 September 2015

Taking Stock...

My Taking Stock list for September (how is it September already?! I don't understand...), thanks as always to lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mike's for the inspiration!

Making : Little hats, millions of pompoms, my 2015 blanket, and shiny new jewellery!
Cooking : Junk food for healing power after two weeks of head-cold-lurgy in the household
Drinking : Tea, both regular English Breakfast, and Mango and Strawberry!
Reading: the Harry Potter books, again.
Wanting: to spend more time in my lovely studio
Looking: at the Plums at the top of our tree, and wondering how we'll get them down...
Playing: mix tapes from my husband, and vinyl from my collection!
Deciding: to finally purchase a Play Purse
Wishing: for days out
Enjoying: the autumn chill in the air
Waiting: to make plum jam
Liking: my new-to-me Dr Marten boots
Wondering: about the world
Loving: the increasingly large bundle of Big Knit Hats in my stall!
Pondering: my future and my new studio
Considering: what my next project will be when the Big Knit is over.
Buying: lots of things for my studio, mostly paint and screws but also pretty frames and huge mugs for tea
Watching: "Agents of SHIELD", "The Simpsons", "Jurassic Park"...
Hoping: I won't burst with excitement before we see Jack Off Jill next month.
Marvelling: at the changing seasons
Cringing: at things that happen
Needing: more hours in the day
Questioning: everything...

Smelling: lovely flowers
Wearing: pretty dresses and skirts, converse, boots...
Following: the progress of the plants in my raised beds
Noticing: the change in the air as Autumn arrives

Knowing: that things will be better soon
Thinking: about having a sofa day with my book and a cat and a big cup of tea
Admiring: lots of patterns for winter woollens
Sorting: through years of accumulated designs, postcards, bits of paper and fabric and knitting, deciding what will live in my studio
Getting: tired easily as I try to fight the last of my cold
Bookmarking: patterns to try and shops to buy from
Coveting: lots of lovely crafty books and pretty yarn
Disliking: the short days and dark evenings
Opening: bags of screws, tubs of paint...
Giggling: at the things that people do.
Feeling: like I need a day out...
Snacking: on cereal. I feel like I'm about eight years old...
Helping: as best I can as always

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