Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Week

This has been a jolly week of nice quiet little moments, and opportunities for adventures. I had an extended visit from a bee in my stall on Saturday, which made me smile and filled me with happiness when I noticed that he only stopped to smell the yellows, as I am myself partial to a little bit of yellow. I supposed that maybe the yellow was the most likely colour for nectary-goodness, and felt a little sorry that the flowers have a button at their centre rather than a sweet little treat. Sunday started with cake for breakfast, a tradition that I feel should be installed with haste, and finished with sock knitting in front of the fire. A perfect end to a chilly day. 
My adventure on Tuesday was a real-life Hobbitty adventure, as I visited Mordor, which is temporarily in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. I also took myself along to the Tuesday Matinee at the Lighthouse Independent cinema to watch the delightful "What we Did on our Holiday". There is something really rather splendid about going to the movies alone in the afternoon. Thursday was the second of my big adventure days, after spending an afternoon in a cafe knitting with a friend, I found myself in Liverpool enjoying Moroccan food and good company on date night in Kasbah, before popping along to see the lovely Lucy Rose singing her pretty songs as part of the Oxjam shenanigans. It has been a jolly lovely little week.

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