Friday, 7 November 2014


This week has been less about adventures and more about hibernation. I have been quietly crafting at home, watching the world go by through my window, mostly the chickens mooching around the garden, and enjoying the leaves changing colour.
My crafty projects are all growing, I have finished my first thirty squares for my mood blanket, each representing the day it was made. 

Making a square every evening gives me an opportunity to think about the day, the things that have been interesting or colour combinations that have caught my eye. Each square is different and yet they all sit so nicely together, complimenting each other. I'm joining as I go along, so I can see a blanket emerging, and I look forward to adding a new square and seeing it grow. 

 My other blankety project is knitted and is going to be cosy. I think that I may have an addiction to making blankets, but I like to have a cosy home.
 My toes will be cosy too in no time, my Frankensocks will soon be done. I think they are rather splendidly jazzy, so many colours and stripes.

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