Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Taking Stock... January

Borrowed from the lovely Pip at Meet Me at Mikes...

Making : Blankets. Always blankets!
Cooking : Wintery warmers like soup and crumpets
Drinking : Lots and lots of tea
Reading: Harry Potter books 5-7 (I always intend to read the series and run out of steam at book four, so I've started at five...)
Wanting: Vintage brooches and Tea Dresses
Looking: out at my poor windswept garden
Playing: My favourite albums over and over
Deciding: if it's time for a new hair colour or a shorter cut
Wishing: for spring, and seeing the world come back to life
Enjoying: cosy days at home, crocheting with kitties for company
Waiting: to go to the Harry Potter studio tour in March to see the Hogwarts Express
Liking: cardigans and winter woollens
Wondering: which book to start next
Loving: watching my lovely mum make progress knitting her first pair of socks
Pondering: how big my latest granny square blanket should be
Considering: my next adventure
Watching: "Sherlock"
Hoping: to let go of some of the things that take up too many of my thoughts, to make room for nice new things
Marvelling: at driving my little car around
Needing: to go and see the last "Hobbit" movie before it disappears from the cinema
Smelling: my lovely windowsill garden with Hyacinths in full bloom
Wearing: pretty dresses for good cheer
Following: lots of beautiful instagram feedsNoticing: my "stashbuster projects" don't seem to be running down my yarn stash very quickly
Knowing: that I should buy flowers because they make me happy
Thinking: that I should make more of an effort to enjoy the wintery season and not wish it away
Admiring: more yarn that I don't need
Sorting: out exciting things to look forward to
Buying: crafty bits and bobs - needle felting needles already arrived and a wool winder on the way
Getting: more tea
Bookmarking: some pretty new patterns to try
Disliking: my allergy to lemons, and missing lemon drizzle cake
Opening: my sketchbook to try and get some ideas flowing
Giggling: at "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Feeling: excited for my next day out with some of my dearest friends
Snacking: on Raspberry and Chocolate biscuits
Helping: to keep our little home cosy with obsessive blanket making
the special limited edition Laduree Macaron Sonny Angels
Wishing: for more time to read and crochet
Hearing: my favourite new saying - "not my circus, not my monkeys"

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