Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Taking Stock...May

Joining in with lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mike's to Take Stock!
Making : socks, blankets and sweet little crochet pots
Cooking : noodles and veggies
Drinking : Tea and Chai Lattes
Reading: "#newsfail" by Jaimie Kilstein and Alison Kilkenny
Wanting: to try knitting toe-up socks
Looking: forward to exciting crafty plans
Playing: cassette tapes from my teens in my little car, at the moment Ash "1977"
Deciding: when to go to Liverpool for another look at the Leonora Carrington and Cathy Wilkes exhibition
Wishing: for a day at the beach
Enjoying: the long summer evenings
Waiting:  for the summer weather to come back...
Liking: watching my garden changing
Wondering: which sock yarn to start next
Loving: Orla Keily coffee jars
Pondering: dyeing my own yarn
Considering: some crafty business ideas
Buying: Pretty Cath Kidston skirts, love them
Watching: "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix
Hoping: to go to a car boot sale soon, if the weather improves!
Marvelling: at all the lovely things that people make
Cringing: at facebook, and thinking that I like Instagram 
Needing: more craft time
Questioning: the decision making skills in Britain after the catastrophic election result last week
Smelling: the lovely fresh spring air
Wearing: brooches every day!
Following: lots of lovely Pinterest boards for Summer House inspiration
Noticing: how the year is flying by
Knowing: that I can make things better
Thinking: that I'd like to read my new book on Tove Jansson 
Admiring: pretty shoes and dresses...
Sorting: through my yarn stash
Getting: excited for the summer holidays and lovely days out 
Bookmarking: lots of pretty websites and patterns
Coveting: cake
Disliking: Our shiny new government
Opening: my notebook and making plans
Giggling: at The Boy With Tape on His Face and Mark Thomas
Feeling: a little bit worried
Snacking: on sweet potato fries
Helping: our Big Knit efforts by making pompoms
Hearing: some funny things...

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  1. Love the idea of taking stock like this. I'll definitely have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.