Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Week

My week was full of adventures - there were lots of lovely moments, and some of the highlights were ones that I can't share - for example, my dear friend trying on beautiful wedding dresses, or the eclipse, which I watched with friends at the market but didn't take a single photograph. The moments that will remain as happy memories. 
These moments however, I can share - the afternoon tea with a friend, my beautiful 'cheer-up' Hyacinths open and smelling heavenly, the Continental Market that visited our sweet town and the delightful Spring Lamb day where lots of fabulous crafty folks shared their love of yarny goodness. 

It was a splendid week, and I cannot accurately describe my joy at the arrival of Spring. I plan to spend these lovely long days outside, breathing in the fresh air and watching the world begin to wake up again. 

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