Friday, 17 April 2015

Taking Stock - April

Making the most of a quiet morning to have a little think... joining in with Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes
Making : Two blankets and a pair of socks
Cooking : Rhubarb from the garden
Drinking : Tea and Cream Soda (not at the same time)
Reading: "Night Music" by Jojo Moyes
Wanting: to pot up the Succulent plants that I discovered under the Rose bush (no idea how they got there, but not complaining)
Looking: forward to WonderWool Wales, just over a week to go!
Playing: Of Monsters and Men
Deciding: which sock yarn to knit up next
Wishing: for the next series of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Enjoying: the fresh spring air
Waiting: for our wild flowers to start growing
Liking: leaving my winter coat at home
Wondering: how much sock yarn I need and if I should buy more at WonderWool...
Loving: weekends away and coming home
Pondering: what to read next
Considering: a new tattoo
Buying: books and sock yarn. Unusually enough...
Watching: "DareDevil" and "Third Rock From The Sun" (love Netflix)
Hoping: to head to a car boot sale in the near future
Marvelling: at the sunshine and the lovely spring flowers
Cringing: at lots of things...
Needing: to get pompom making ready for the Big Knit hats
Questioning: my big box of healthy salad and veggies and wondering if I need cake instead?
Smelling: fresh cut grass
Wearing: lots of summery dresses and little shoes, still in cardigans but at least it's an improvement
Following: the path to adventures
Noticing: the pretty little things in my town
Knowing: that exciting things are planned
Thinking: that I really should have watched "Poldark"...
Admiring: the two pairs of socks that I've finished this week
Sorting: out wool for my lovely Big Knit helpers
Getting: excited for my "Brooch a Day in May" challenge
Bookmarking: lovely patterns
Coveting: pretty dresses and vintage brooches
Disliking: the sad stuff that happens in the world
Opening: my eyes and having a good look around
Giggling: at my funny feline family and all the silly things they do
Feeling: hopeful and full of ideas
Snacking: on healthy things. Or trying at least.
Helping: myself with some quiet time for making stuff
Hearing: little birds in my garden as they go about their busy nesting work

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