Saturday, 3 October 2015

My Week...

My week started somewhat sadly, with the sudden departure of my dear budgies. They were about a year old when we adopted them, they came as a pair, they used to smooch and cuddle up together, so it seems fitting that they they passed within hours of each other, Kate first in the morning, and William in the afternoon (we didn't name them, but they came to live with us at the height of Royal Wedding fever...)after he had apparently sat over her little body all day and refused to let my poor husband take her away. It was so sad, and although they were really rather vocal and loved to spread their feathers everywhere, we miss them. 
The rest of the week improved somewhat, we picked Plums and Apples from our garden, and my dad and I went Brambling and found a huge hoard of Blackberries, so there's been jam making, which is one of my favourite Autumn activities! I love the idea of squirrelling things away to last through the long winter months. We had a little city adventure last night, popping along to Home in Manchester to Robert Newman's book launch. He's one of our all-time favourite comedians, and it was lovely to hear him read bits from his book "The Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution" and to have a little chat with him afterwards, such a thoroughly nice man. He even signed our books. Such a splendid evening, can't wait to read the book.
(The puppy isn't ours by the way, his name is Ozzy and he belongs to my dear friends, he is the most gorgeous little chap)

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