Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Taking Stock

Thanks as always to lovely Pip at Meet Me at Mike's for this bit of inspiration every month, it's been good to stop and think in a month that has been so very busy!

Making : jewellery, little robins, granny squares and my 2015 blanket
Cooking : autumn comfort food
Drinking : tea - regular and Twinings Strawberry and Mango
Reading: Nick Frost's Autobiography "Truths, Half-truths and Little White Lies"
Wanting: to go and see Jack Off Jill again every night for the rest of my life...
Looking: at my diary and seeing how alarmingly little time there is between now and Christmas!
Playing: Jack Off Jill constantly
Deciding: what to put on my lovely board in my studio
Wishing: I could be in two places at once
Enjoying: My lovely dad's birthday and spending time with my family
Waiting: to go to London to deliver over 5000 Big Knit hats!
Liking: my lovely yellow PlayPurse
Wondering: what to read next
Loving: cross-stitching
Pondering: "Back to the Future" day!
Considering: planting wallflowers in my lovely raised beds
Buying: mini Sunjellies bags
Watching: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "Heroes", "Big Bang Theory", "Agents of SHIELD" and "The Blacklist"

Hoping: everything works out...
Marvelling: at how much a tiny cut on my finger hurts!Cringing: at people...
Needing: quite a lot of sleep
Smelling: Autumn
Wearing: wintery-woollens and cosy tights
Following: every opportunity!
Noticing: that photography is harder than it seems!
Knowing: that things are ok
Thinking: that I'm going to try out the new Italian Bakery in town very soon
Admiring: polka-dot fabric for Christmas Robins
Sorting: out the arrangements for Christmas Crochet Crafternoons
Getting: excited about the future
Bookmarking: The Lazy Daisy Jones Crochet Hookup on instagram (#ldjcrochethookup)
Coveting: Beautiful Cath Kidston dresses and skirts
Disliking: the dark evenings
Opening: my studio door for visitors!
Giggling: at silly things that I see
Feeling: a bit of pressure about the festive season, but excited too!
Snacking: all the time, I'm hopeless...
Helping: where I can as always
Hearing: the sound of Jack Off Jill ringing in my ears...

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