Friday, 13 February 2015

Ponderings On Happiness...

Lately there has been a flurry of blog posts that have resonated with me, and got me thinking about the nature of happiness, finding the small pleasures in each day and the importance of putting various electronic communication devices to one side and focussing on the now. 
The winter blues hit me hard this year, and I'm trying to take a day at a time, finding the little moments to treasure. Today has already been full of lovely things, and I thought I would share some...

  • This morning started with a cup of tea in bed from my lovely husband, in my shiny new Cath Kidston mug - it has the Painterly Rose pattern that is so delightful, I can't stop looking at it. It was a good cup of tea, expertly made (soya milk and one sugar in case you wondered...) by the person who knows me best.

  • I have one of my favourite dresses on, and pinned on my cardigan a bright blue deer brooch that I made myself, which never fails to make me smile. 

  • I had hot buttery crumpets for breakfast, while I watched the birds bobbing about and having a chat with the chickens out in the garden. 

  • I packed my bag, ready to go off to my little shop, and it's full of sock knitting to take along when I visit my parents this afternoon, because I will be helping my mum turn her very first heel on her very first pair of hand knitted socks. 

  • On my way out of the house I had to search under a fluffy cat who had decided to hide my keys, I'm assuming his plan was to keep me at home so he could cosy up on a blanket next to me.

  • A lady that also works in the market stopped me on my way up to my stall to show me her knitting, she's made a pretty scarf and I was thrilled that she showed me. I also had a chat with a fellow sock-knitter about yarn and lovely colours. I love spending time talking with other crafty folks, we're quite a friendly bunch. 

  • My dear friend just gave me a bag of knitting supplies that he knew I would like. There's circular needles, row counters, stitch holders, lots of knitty goodness. I feel so touched to have such kind and thoughtful people in my life. 

So all of this was before 10am, there's lots of loveliness to be grateful for today. 

The blog posts that I mentioned earlier were from Her Library Adventures, Vintage Sheet Addict and Meet Me at Mike's (the links are to the actual posts, so they're easy to find!)

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