Saturday, 15 August 2015


Yesterday was one of my favourite "work" days of the year - our Knit-Along for Innocent Smoothie's Big Knit campaign. This is our fifth year making teeny bobble hats to raise money for AgeUK and we always have a little day of knitting and cake and lovely company! Let me introduce the gang...

(Top left photo)
Gemma, who was knitting hats, and also brought along two massive cakes and £25 worth of yarn that her lovely boss at The Little Food Company donated to our day!
My mum, who is my right-hand helper, I really couldn't do it all without her! Mum makes millions of pom-poms for the hats that arrive without them, as well as knitting loads herself, helping me with the counting and bagging up of the hats, and encouraging all of the knitters she knows to help out. She really is ace. 

(Top middle photo)
Then there was Helen and Carys, as well as Mathew, a really lovely crafty family! Helen was crocheting, Carys was making pompoms and Mathew was doing a bit of both! They are legends!

(Top right photo)
Matilda came along to help with pompoms, and even brought along some chocolate coins that she had made - she knows us pretty well!

We also had help from my lovely friends Graeme and Sam and their little folks Abigail and Finlay, but unfortunately I was a bit hopeless and didn't get any photos of them! And my dear friend Lowri kept popping over from her shop with little crochet hats! 

It was a really lovely day, full of tea and cake and laughter, and we made lots and lots of hats and pompoms, as well as taking in more than 500 from people just popping in to drop them off. A conservative estimate of our progress so far is 2500 hats - half of our massive target of five thousand (since it's our fifth year I thought it made a nice target!) and I couldn't be happier!

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