Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hip to be Square...

I've been plotting and scheming with a dear friend of mine over the last month or so, and we're going to be running a little course called "Square Enough", which will be a little bit of dabbling in both crochet and knitting. I'm handling the crochet side, so I've been having a little go at some different types of squares...
I grabbed a book, my usual starting point, and tried some corner-up patterns - these two came from "200 Crochet Blocks", one of my all-time favourite crochet books. 
Then I consulted the internet, thank goodness for google, and found a pattern for mitred squares. I tried some different sizes, and some with stripes, and I think they're rather splendid. I might even be tempted to make a sock yarn blanket with my odds and ends, although I'm pretty sure I don't need any new projects! 

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